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About Our Leadership

Fulcrum’s leadership takes a “boots on the ground” approach to its work, drawing on more than a century of experience with real-world energy systems, government and military hierarchy and infrastructure, and community improvement. We are a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business headquartered in Fall River, MA, dedicated to providing turnkey, cost-effective energy saving solutions. Fulcrum Energy treats facilities comprehensively by combining strategic energy upgrades tailored to the goals and needs of each project.

Get to know Fulcrum’s leadership team.

Jay Benson


Earn the opportunities, be gracious

Nick Procko


Build relationships, empower the team

Darcy Gilbert

Vice President, Operations

Lead by example, act with integrity

Michelle Exaros

Vice President, Business Development

Implement the mission, be passionate

Jay Benson has built his career on technical expertise, motivation, and mentorship. With more than 20 years of experience, he has a thorough understanding of all phases of a construction project encompassing initial walkthrough, design, and application considerations, as well as designing to make systems future proof. He has experience with multiple energy conservation measures that includes but is not limited to mechanical systems, electrical systems, electrical vehicle charging supply equipment, and bi-polar ionization deployment to mitigate contaminants and airborne disease in the airstream.

As Chief Executive Officer, Jay creates, communicates, and implements the company’s vision and mission. Jay has a hands-on approach, and his primary responsibilities are fulfillment which includes design, engineering, and project management. Jay oversees the project from concept through conception.

Jay strongly believes in earning opportunities, being gracious, and appreciative.

Military Service:
Branch: United States Navy
Active Duty: 1997 – 2001 – 6 Years

“The first time I saw an aircraft carrier,” says Jay Benson, who grew up in Ohio, “I was landing on it in a mail plane.”

Benson spent six years in the US Navy, during which he served as Nuclear Reactor Operator aboard the USS Nimitz. Benson’s military experience was invaluable to his working philosophy, and it drove home the value of efficiency and sustainability, two watchwords that define Fulcrum Energy. After his Navy service, Benson leveraged his technical training to create more efficient energy infrastructures elsewhere.

He credits his own mentors for instilling in him the understanding that “our biggest competitor is the customer doing nothing.” To that end, Benson’s goal for Fulcrum is “to be a company that is a pleasure to do business with.”

Nick Procko has built his career on his military service, education, and dedication. With close to 10 years of experience in the industry, he has a thorough understanding of all phases of a construction project encompassing initial walkthrough, design, and application considerations, as well as designing to make systems future proof. Nick’s design-build expertise is with projects that include LED with lighting and lighting control systems. He is accustomed to solving complex application challenges as well as designing a variety of control systems from simple occupancy-based controls to sophisticated systems that include dimming, daylight harvesting and integration with Building Automation Systems (BAS).

As President, Nick creates, communicates, and implements the company’s vision and mission. Nick has a hands-on approach, and his primary responsibilities are project acquisition which includes customer relationships, partnerships and all sales and marketing activities.

Nick believes strongly in building relationships through thoughtful consistent interactions. He is a spirited and compassionate leader that empowers and enables the team around him to succeed.

Military Service:
Branch: United States Coast Guard
Active Duty: 2007 – 2015 – 8 Years
Reserves: 2 Years

With a family history of military service, Nick Procko was eager to join the US Coast Guard. In addition to the two Master Degrees, he obtained during his military service, Procko served on patrols that interdicted drug boats, traveled the country auditing port safety, and served as a Coast Guard liaison to the National Response Center, most notably during the Deepwater Horizon spill of 2011. There Procko worked with all levels of government and his briefing materials were quoted by the President in efforts to remediate damage by the largest oil spill in U.S. history.

Procko credits his decade in the military with a desire to be of service and has dedicated his career to reducing energy consumption and decreasing operational costs in facilities around the country.

Darcy Gilbert has built her career on dedication, integrity, and value-based business relationships. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, she has been a driver in developing and growing successful design-build energy solutions organizations. She has a thorough understanding what customers expect and how to deliver a quality project and seamless installation. Darcy’s vast experience provides her with a unique management approach and commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

Darcy Gilbert is praised by her colleagues for her efficiency, sense of humor, and ability to simplify complex issues. Her leadership and project management skills have been lauded by the Environmental Protection Agency and the American Engineering Society, among others.

As Vice President of Operations, Darcy is responsible for executing the company’s mission and vision. Her primary responsibilities include day-to-day operational activities, marketing, oversight and management of resources, contract administration, certifications, safety and compliance, and vendor relations.

The leadership team at Fulcrum looks to Darcy for guidance in scaling the company to meet the needs of Fulcrum’s government clients. With Darcy’s acute experience scaling two separate companies, she is well positioned to lead Fulcrum’s immediate growth efforts.

Darcy believes strongly in leading by example and being true to one’s word.

Michelle Exaros has built her career on passion, collaboration, and innovation. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, she has gained a thorough understanding of all phases of a construction project, including long-term post-occupancy support with facility teams. She is accustomed to solving complex application challenges and has experience working with design-bid-build and design-build projects while ensuring federal agency design requirements are adhered to.

Michelle received her MBA from Drexel University as well as her B.A. in Political Science and Economics from the University of Pittsburgh. Throughout her career working in Government Sales, she was responsible for federal government business development nationally with specific focus on DoD, GSA, and State Department Overseas Building Operations (OBO) including Cleared projects.

As the Vice President of Business Development, Michelle is responsible for communicating the company’s mission and values to our federal, state, and local agencies as well as utility Companies. Her primary responsibilities include project development, researching new technologies, and customer education.

Michelle implements her skills and enthusiasm to bring energy-saving and electrification projects to clients nationwide. She looks forward to “partnering, saving energy, contributing to the EV and building system electrification revolution, and sharing our successes!”